Ecosphere Fair

Virtual edition

Solutions for a greener world

Conferences available until December 23rd

Consume better and healthier!

Whether you are a little, a lot or completely GREEN, the ECOSPHERE fair is the meeting place to initiate you to new trends and sharpen your knowledge on healthy and sustainable solutions to consume.

Eco-Gourmet Zone

Healthy nutrition
Ecological agriculture & Permaculture
Food self-sufficiency

Eco-Health Zone

Healthy lifestyle

Eco-Innovation Zone

Sustainable mobility
Green technologies
Architecture & Eco-building
Alternative housing & Tiny houses

Eco-Design Zone

Zero waste
Eco-friendly fashion
Eco-friendly design

Eco-Commited Zone

Networks & Resources
Social economy
Fair trade
Ecological transition


  • 04 November
  • 05 November
  • 06 November
  • 07 November
  • 08 November



The # 1 event in Quebec to find solutions for a greener world.

Since its creation in 2006, the ECOSPHERE Fair’s mission is to inform and raise public awareness of the environmental challenges that affect us collectively and to offer sustainable responses to reduce our ecological footprint.